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Social Media Marketing


Social media has become the go to marketing platform for small business, and provides an easy, cost-effective opportunity to engage directly with your audience.

Choosing the right platform

The social media platform your business chooses will depend on the nature of the product or service you offer, and an understanding of how your users interact with your brand.

Whether it is an image-based platform like Instagram, keeping followers updated with your latest news via Twitter, connecting on a professional B2B platform like LinkedIn, or video driven platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live – there are many popular social media options out there to consider.

Content Planning

If you are going to do social media – you have to DO social media. You can’t just simply set up a free account and hope for the best. It is important to keep your account updated regularly with interesting and sharable content. Having a planned approach to your social media content strategy will ensure a good balance of information is being shared with your audience, on a regular basis. Users do not want to be constantly sold to, they also want to receive useful information, be amused or kept up to date with current affairs. The best way to do this is to plan out your content in a calendar, marking out special events and times of the year that might be relevant to your business, and building your content plan from there.

Sponsored Posts

While organic social media posts are certainly beneficial, paid posting also offers you as a business much greater efficiency with targeting to your audience as well as a broader exposure. Some social platforms such as Facebook, are beginning to favour paid posts into user’s feeds as opposed to organic posts.

ODM can work with you on your social media marketing strategy, whether it be as simple as setting up your social media pages, ensuring consistency with your current branding, advising on a strategy, drafting content, creating a content plan or fully taking the reins and managing your social media efforts. 

We can find a social media marketing strategy that will suit your business’ need’s and budget.

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